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2021 ASM - Day 2 Virtual

Event Properties

Event Date 06-11-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 06-11-2021 5:00 pm
Cut off date 06-11-2021 7:30 am
Individual Price $135.00
Location Online - Virtual

Annual Scientific Meeting Day 2
June 11
Virtual meeting will be on CT zone


Physician or equivalent

  • $110: Member 
  • $135: Non-Member 


  • $85: Member
  • $110: Non-Member


Session C - Decompression Theory and Mechanisms
8:00 AM 8:55 AM Plenary: Why Flight Surgeons Also Worry About DCS Michael Harrison, MD
8:55 AM 9:50 AM Plenary: Decompression Modeling Panel Greg Murphy, PhD
Dave Doolette, PhD
Laurens Howle, PhD
9:50 AM 10:10 AM Break 
10:10 AM 10:20 AM C1: Experimental test of the surface interval decompression tables Aleksey Sobakin, PhD
10:20 AM 10:30 AM C2: Development of a freeware application for the estimation of inert gas load in common half-time compartments Kaighley Brett, MD
10:30 AM 10:40 AM C3: Aviation DCS Mahmoud Sabha, MD
10:40 AM 11:40 AM Lambertsen Keynote: Submarine Escape/Rescue Anthony Bielawski, MD
11:40 AM 12:00 PM Q/A
12:00 PM 1:00 PM Lunch (on own) / UHMS Business Meeting  
Session D - Diving Medicine
1:00 PM 1:55 PM Plenary: Assessing aftereffects of Covid related to Diving Medicine Panel Peter Lindholm, PhD
Charlotte Sadler, MD
Tony Alleman, MD
CDR Joy Dierks, MD
1:55 PM 2:05 PM D1: Test of cross corrections for altitude nitrox diving at 10,000 and 12,000 ft elevation Tim Beck
2:05 PM 2:15 PM D2: An analysis of health conditions among of U.S. Navy divers near separation from service, 2008 to 2018 Brian J. Maguire, Dr.PH
2:15 PM 2:25 PM D3: Buoyant ascent rate profiles for the Mk10 and Mk11 submarine escape and immersion equipment Christopher Frederick, MD
2:25 PM 2:35 PM D4: Diver cycling endurance after nine days of warm water acclimation. Courtney Wheelock
2:35 PM 3:30 PM Plenary: International perspectives in DCS Management: Controversies in treatment tables.  Series of cases and how they would use the tables Panel Richard Moon, MD
Cuauhteomoc Sanchez, MD
Simon Mitchell, MB ChB, PhD
Maria-Teresa David, DO
3:30 PM 3:47 PM Q/A

Event Properties

Event Date 06-11-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 06-11-2021 5:00 pm
Cut off date 06-11-2021 7:30 am
Individual Price $135.00
Location Online - Virtual

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