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Schedule is subject to change
Posted: 8/30/2023

Lecture / Practical Time Lecture Title
Monday, Oct 14
(lecture 1) 8am-9am:  Welcome/Introduction to Diving
(lecture 2) 9am-10am:  Human Factors in Dive Safety
(lecture 3) 10am-11am:  Advanced Dive Physics #1 (Pressure)
(lecture 4) 11am-12:  Advanced Dive Physics #2 (Gas Laws)
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(lecture 5) 1pm-2pm:  Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity
(lecture 6) 2pm-3pm: Dive Tables
(lecture 7) 3pm-4pm: Bubble Detection
(lecture 8) 4pm-5pm: Technical diving and optimal decompression
  5pm- Day 1 Exam
Tuesday, Oct 15
(lecture 9) 8am-9am:  Case Discussions in Hyperbaric Medicine
(lecture 10) 9am-10am: CNS Oxygen Toxicity
(lecture 11) 10am-12pm: Pathophysiology and Manifestations of DCI
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(lecture 12) 1pm-3pm: Recompression Therapy and Adjuvant Treatment of DCI
(lecture 13) 3pm-4pm: Emergency Myringotomy
(practical 1) 4pm-5pm: Myringotomy Lab
  5pm- Day 2 Exam
Wednesday, Oct 16
(lecture 14) 8am-9am:  Maladies at Sea
(lecture 15) 9am-10am: Cold Water Immersion and Hypothermia
(lecture 16) 10am-11am:  Evaluation, Intervention and Evacuation of Diving Injuries
(lecture 17) 11am-12:  Return to Diving after DCI
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(lecture 18) 1pm-2pm:  Non-Pulmonary Barotrauma
(lecture 19) 2pm-3pm: Medications Under Pressure
(lecture 20) 3pm-4pm: Clinical Hyperbaric Chamber Operations
(lecture 21) 4pm-5pm: Hyperbaric Chamber Safety
  5pm- Day 3 Exam
Thursday, Oct 17: Hyperbaric Modular Systems, 1663 Pacific Rim Ct, San Diego, CA 92154
(lecture 22) 8am-9am:  Introduction to Chamber SIM and Procedure Lab
(practical 2) 9am-5pm: HBO Chamber Simulation Training
            Case 1 (Oxygen Toxicity Seizure and Altered Mental Status)
            Case 2 (Code in the Chamber)
            Case 3 (Aborted Dive and Safe Deco of Tender)
            Case 4 (Monoplace Chamber Emergency Procedures)
(practical 3)                    HBO Procedure Lab
            Procedure Station 1 (Recognition of Tension Pneumothorax /
            Procedure Station 2 (Airway Management)
            Procedure Station 3 (Chamber ICU Equipment)
            Procedure Station 4 (Neurologic Exams)
            Procedure Station 5 (Diver/Dive Gear evaluation)
  5pm- Day 4 Exam
Friday, Oct 18
(lecture 23) 8am-9am:  Scientific Diving: Procedures and Medical Issues
(lecture 24) 9am-10am:  Long Term Effects of Diving
(lecture 25) 10am-11am: Critical Care in the Hyperbaric Chamber
(lecture 26) 11am-12:  Immersion Pulmonary Edema
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(lecture 27) 1pm-2pm:  Intro. To Surface Supplied and Saturation Diving
(lecture 28) 2pm-3pm:  Helium/Oxygen Tables and Oxygen Pre-breathing
(practical 4) 3pm-4pm:  Rebreather Mechanics and Hands-on Dry Session
(practical 5) 4pm-5pm:  Dry walk through and gear familiarization for Pool Training
  5pm- Day 5 Exam
Saturday, Oct 19: Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center Pool: 4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037
(practical 6) 7am-5pm: Pool Work: Jewish Community Center Pool
         Station #1: Full Face Mask and Underwater Communications
         Station #2: Underwater Search Techniques
         Station #3: Underwater Obstacle Course
         Station #4: Drysuit Familiarization
         Station #5: Hypoxia/Hypercarbia/Oxygen Pre-breathe
         Station #6: Re-breather Station #1
         Station #7: Re-breather Station #2
         Station #8: Injured Diver: Water Recovery and Transport Decisions
         Station #9: Diver Safety Drill with Checklist
Sunday, Oct 20:
    day off
Monday, Oct 21
(lecture 29) 8am-9am:  Public Safety Diving: Procedures and Medical Issues
(lecture 30) 9am-10am: Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving
(lecture 31) 10am-11am: Hyperbaric Treatment Tables
(lecture 32) 11am-12:  Saturation Diving Deco Procedures and Treatment Protocols
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(lecture 33) 1pm-2pm:  Operational Diving Medical Contingencies
(lecture 34) 2pm-3pm: Decompression/Treatment Tables Small Group Exercise
(lecture 35) 3pm-4pm: Commercial Diving: Procedures and Medical Issues
(lecture 36) 4pm-5pm: Pre-hospital Treatment anDiver Occupational Health Surveillance
  5pm- Day 9 Exam
Tuesday, Oct 22
(lecture 37) 8am-9am:  Hazardous Marine Life
(lecture 38) 9am-10am: Fitness to Dive
(lecture 39) 10am-11am:  Fitness to Dive Cases
(lecture 40) 11am-12:  Starting a Dive Clinic
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(practical 7) 1pm-2pm:  Cold Water Physiology and Thermal Protection
(lecture 41) 2pm-3pm: Dive Profile Planning and Dive Computers
(lecture 42) 3pm-4pm: Tunneling: Procedures and Medical Issues
(lecture 43) 4pm-5pm: Dive Safety: Risk Mitigation/Checklists
  5pm- Day 10 Exam
Wednesday, Oct 23: Hands-on Surface Supplied/Commercial Diving Day: Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) Diving Facility: San Diego, CA 92136
(lecture 52) 8am-9am:  Commercial Surface Supplied Diving Operations
(practical 8) 9am-10am:  Facility Tour and Familiarization of Equipment and Chamber
(practical 9) 10am-12:  Hands-on Commercial Diving Scenarios with Emergency Simulation
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(practical 9) 1pm-5pm:  Hands-on Commercial Diving Scenarios with Emergency Simulation
  5pm- Day 5 Exam
Thursday, Oct 24
(lecture 44) 8am-9am:  Respiratory Physiology in Diving: Part 1
(lecture 45) 9am-10am:  Respiratory Physiology in Diving: Part 2
(lecture 46) 10am-11am:  Altitude and DCS
(lecture 47) 11am-12:  Arterial Gas Embolism
  12-1pm: Lunch Break
(lecture 48) 1pm-2pm:  Diver Death Investigation
(lecture 49) 2pm-3pm:  Rebreather Diving: Medical Issues
(lecture 50) 3pm-4pm:  Ultrasound Use in the Hyperbaric Chamber
(lecture 51) 4pm-5pm:  Current Issues in Diving Medicine: Clearance forms, COVID, 24/7 Chambers
  5pm- Day 11 Exam