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My credit card is declining when trying to make a purchase?

Be sure you have the correct billing address to match the card you are paying with. It will prompt you to enter a billing address at the checkout page. If you still have trouble after confirming the billing address is correct, please contact our support team using the chat box or contact us page.

I completed the course but have not received my continuing education certificate?

Go to the course page with all the lectures. Make sure a checkmark is to the right of each lecture/paper (for Journal Based CME), quiz, evaluation, and the preamble. Most often, the preamble is not checked off as it is required to open before starting the lessons to confirm you read the accreditation/designation/disclosure statements. If everything is checked off, be sure you clicked “get my certificate” so it will open and save to your profile. The certificate should be saved under “My Account,” and then “My Certificates.”

My login is not working?

First, make sure you are not using your UHMS Membership login at The UHMS Online CME Portal website, is a separate login from the Membership website. Once you confirm you have the correct login for the UHMS Online CME Portal and it is still not accepting, please reset your password or contact an administrator to assist.

How do I receive the Membership discounted rate?

You will enter a coupon code at the checkout page at the UHMS Online CME Portal, The coupon code can be copied at your Membership page, Login at and click Membership and then UHMS Online CME Portal. At that page, you will see various discounts to include the Membership rate and another code for 3 free continuing education credits annually for Members.

How do I receive my three free continuing education credits this year for being a UHMS Member?

You will enter a coupon code at the checkout page at the UHMS Online CME Portal, The coupon code can be copied at your Membership page, Login at and click Membership and then UHMS Online CME Portal. At that page, you will see various discounts to include the Membership rate also. You MUST enter both the Membership code and 3 free credit code for the discount to be applied correctly (if you are a current UHMS Member). The 3 free credit coupon code is available for one-time use only and you must have a minimum of 3 credits in your cart to receive the full benefit.

How long do I have to complete an educational program once I register?

You will have access to the program if it is available at the UHMS Online CME Portal. All our programs do have an expiration date and you can only receive credit within that approved timeline. We generally post our programs on the portal for up to 3 years, but sometimes less depending on the material being up to date. Look for a “termination date” with each course listing to be sure you will have enough time to complete a program based on your schedule. You can start and stop as your leisure and the UHMS otherwise does not have a timeframe for you to complete a program.

My discount codes are not working for the PATH program?

The UHMS Program for Advanced Training in Hyperbarics (PATH) is a $2,000 flat rate for all registrants and we do not offer discounts to the PATH program as it is Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) with various components and not considered “refresher” education.

Why is there no NBDHMT Category ‘a’ credit available for CHT’s/CHRN’s for some programs?

The UHMS submits for various certification approvals to include Physician AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM , Nursing/RRT contact hours and NBDHMT Category ‘a’ credit for CHT’s/CHRN’s/DMT’s. Each certifying organization has their own criteria for approval. In June 2020, the NBDHMT changed their requirements for Category ‘a’ credit. This has impacted our educational programs where you will see less Category ‘a’ credit offered throughout many of our programs, but the UHMS is working diligently to offer Cateogry ‘a’ specific educational programs to fill this gap. A good recommendation to maximize the Category ‘a’ credit is generally through our Safety pre-courses or anywhere safety and technical aspects within the scope of a CHT are discussed.

Where can I find what programs are available at the UHMS Online CME Portal?

A table of contents is available at by clicking Online Courses, then All Courses, or go to this link directly:

How many credits will I receive for each educational program?

At the table of contents, you will see a guide to have the programs and their available credits offered all in one place. Please go to the table of contents page here: and on the right hand side, use the following guide to see what credits are available for each program under the “credits*” column.

* Credits listed are as follows:
A = AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
M = MOC ABPM Credits
R = Nursing/RRT Credit Hours
NA = NBDHMT Category A Credit Hours
NB = NBDHMT Category B Credit Hours

Are you a member of UHMS?

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Codes cannot be used for live courses

Continuing Education Credits are provided when a participant passes the course with 60% or higher on their overall grade of the course quizzes. Each quiz also will allow two attempts. If a participant fails the course, the UHMS will allow a re-take of the course at a 50% discount to their designated full price rate.

The information provided at this CME activity is for Continuing Medical Education purposes only. The lecture content, statements or opinions expressed, however, do not necessarily represent those of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), its affiliates or its employees.
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